15 January 2010

Mangani Individual Chart Update

First things first: want to contribute to Haitian relief? Here's a guide to the appropriate charities.

Second things second: I just posted an update to my diagram showing all known mangani individuals.

Previous version here.

I'm trying a different value scheme to differentiate the vertices and the text. I also revised the earliest species (kadabba, ramidus, and anamensis) based on a rigorous review of the primary literature, and added one early species that had been overlooked (praegens, which may be a nomen dubium but is certainly a mangani or stem-mangani). The later species were revised a bit as well, but not as rigorously.

I really wish there were some place that just listed every known locality with its number of specimens and least possible number of individuals. I've been slowly compiling my own as a Google spreadsheet, but I'd like a better way to catalogue it. Hmmm, perhaps it's time to return to another project of mine.

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