24 February 2014

Half a Billion Years in the Making: The PhyloPic T-shirt

Yes, now you can wear PhyloPic.

The PhyloPic T-shirt
PhyloPic's silhouettes are free, but hosting the site costs money. With this shirt, I'm trying to raise enough to cover basic expenses. If 100 of you buy a shirt, you will cover PhyloPic's hosting for the next two years.

The design uses PhyloPic silhouettes to depict the evolutionary lineage of humanity, starting with the earliest bilaterian animals. All of the silhouettes are public domain, or available under a Creative Commons Attribution or Attibution-ShareAlike license (which means the design itself is under a Creative Commons Attibution-ShareAlike license). The works of ten artists are featured:

The shirt is only available through March 15. As of this morning, 25 shirts have been purchased, meaning that we are exactly one quarter of the way to the goal. So help PhyloPic out, and get a great T-shirt! Or, if you can't*, at least help spread the word.

Do you have PhyloPic's back?

* Apologies, but shipping is only available in the U.S., Canada, and Army or Fleet Post Offices. But if this campaign does well, I'll certainly look into a more global option for future shirts. (Yes, plural. Why should Homo sapiens get all the fun? PhyloPic has good coverage of many other lineages.)