03 June 2008

Updates to Open AS3 Code

Pursuant to my last post, I've added some general utility classes to the net.tmkeesey repository. They are arranged in two packages: utils.core and utils.display:

  • ClassUtil
  • ObjectUtil
  • StringUtil
  • TimerUtil
  • UIntUtil
  • XMLListUtil
  • XMLUtil
  • ColorUtil
  • DisplayObjectUtil

A couple of highlights:

UIntUtil.closestPowerOf2() can be used to optimize blur filters. (Coming soon: MotionBlur class.)

DisplayObjectUtil.findAncestor() searches an object's display ancestry for an object of a certain class. This can greatly facilitate communication between visual components. (And even nonvisual objects, as long as they have a parent property which is an instance of DisplayObjectContainer.)

As always, all classes come with unit tests and all code is commented with ASDoc (except for unit test code, where it would really be superfluous).

Once again, the repository is at: http://svn3.cvsdude.com/keesey/PROJECTS/tmkeesey/trunk

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