02 June 2008

I'm Going Open Source!

Over the years, I've come up with a large number of ActionScript packages that I reuse on projects. I've been meaning for a long time to release some of these packages to the public. Well, there's no time like the present, so I'm going to start.

One note: I'm using net.tmkeesey as a package name, but eventually I'd like to name it after something other than myself. So this is just provisional until I start opening up collaboration.

The repository is located at:

(I'm assuming that anyone who's read this far knows how to check out a project from a Subversion repository.)

I figured I'd start with the basics. I've included three very low-level packages: assert, core, and relate. These are distilled from packages I am using for Names on Nodes and other projects.

Utility class with methods for making assertions.

Generic error type for a failed assertion.

Utility class for object properties.

Stores a stack of ordered, two-object comparisons. Used to prevent recursion.

Utility class for determining equality (either qualititave equality or identity) of two objects. Works with Equatable.

Interface with a single method, equals(Object):Boolean, for determining qualitative equality.

Utility class for determining the relative order of two objects. Works with Ordered.

Interface which extends Equatable and adds a single method, findOrder(Object):int, for determining relative order.

There is also a full complement of unit tests in the flexunit_src folder. All code has full ASDoc comments.

Future additions may include: management of loaded assets, digital puppetry, some general user interface components, animation assistance, collection-related code, buttloads of utility classes, triggers, XML translation, MathML processing, "exoskeleton", and "champagne".

P.S. You may note that I'm defying my previous stance on uncradled brackets. I have to say, I gave them a chance, and I'm starting to understand why people like them. I can't put it into words just yet, but....

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