06 June 2008

Three-Pound Monkey Brain: The Open Source Project

In an earlier post, I was bemoaning the unimaginative (and self-centered) name I was using for my general open source ActionScript project: net.tmkeesey. But someone pointed out to me this morning that a better name was staring me in the face all this time. Thus, I have changed the packages from net.tmkeesey to ... threelbmonkeybrain! (A bit long-winded, but unfortunately you cannot start package names with numerical digits.)

Along with this much-better name is a new location for the code. Point your Subversion clients to:
(Or, if you just want the code itself without unit tests, etc.: http://svn3.cvsdude.com/keesey/PROJECTS/ threelbmonkeybrain/as3/trunk/src/threelbmonkeybrain)

I've added a lot of new packages under the rubrics of threelbmonkeybrain.load and threelbmonkeybrain.net, but I have not had time to build full unit tests for them. Once that's done, I'll write more about those.

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