02 July 2010

Wrapping Up In Portland

Yesterday was the last day of the iEvoBio Conference, and tonight is my last night in Portland. The conference was quite illuminating and I would definitely like to return for another one.

I've had some time tonight to address a few issues I would like to have tended to before the conference. For one, I hadn't updated the Names on Nodes website to link to the application! This has been remedied. In the process, I removed links to the NEXUS demo application, since it's a bit old and out of sync with the rest by now. I'll probably add it back after adding support for the NEXUS format to Names on Nodes.

I also made a few simple additions to Names on Nodes, including:

  • Fullscreen mode
  • Ability to specify which characters in a matrix you wish to import
The latter in particular should prove usefulsome people were finding it impossible to open NexML files with character matrices. Since Names on Nodes only uses characters as part of apomorphy-based definitions, it's usually a big waste of time and memory to import entire matrices when only a few nomenclaturally-relevant characters (if any) are needed.

Once again I'd like to encourage people to check out the application and make feature requests and report issues on the BitBucket page.

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