26 June 2010

Names on Nodes is finally online.

A month ago I got notice that my abstract had been accepted, and that I would be demoing Names on Nodes at the iEvoBio conference's Software Bazaar on June 29. This is the first time Names on Nodes has ever truly had a hard deadline. Since it's a personal project, until now I have had the luxury of languidly rebuilding and polishing and rebuilding and polishing. But now I have to get something up. So it's up.

There's still a lot left to do, but this will have to do for now. You can load NexML and Newick files (not NEXUS for now, sorryalthough, really, you should be sorry for still using it when NexML is available). You can save as MathML and export PNG image files. You can create phylogenies and phylogenetic definitions on the fly using a visual interface that emphasizes drag-and-drop. Or you can type them in (as Newick and MathML, respectively), should you prefer that.

There are still a lot of bugs, and a lot of unimplemented features. If you come across issues or if you have feature requests, please feel free to submit an issue. And if you want to look at the code, it's open source (MIT license) and available on BitBucket.


  1. Scott Hartman26 June, 2010 10:24

    Exciting! And damnit, let us troglodytes use nexus files!

    Can't wait to hear how the presentation goes Tuesday. Good luck!

  2. Thanks Scott! Well you can still copy and paste the Newick tree strings from Nexus files—those are the most relevant parts.