02 April 2010

Names on Nodes: MathML Definitions (Version 1.2)

After the epiphany that Names on Nodes did not have to be associated with a database, I set to work creating a "standalone" version of the application. Progress has been pretty good, and if you are interested in the details (or collaborating), you can check the project out at its new home on Bitbucket (which also houses the related project, ASMathema).

I've just updated the Names on Nodes website based on these revisions to the project, most notably the MathML Definitions document. Most of the changes have actually been removals: no more mentions of rank-based taxonomy (which may be covered in future versions but not in this one), qualified names as taxonomic identifiers (no longer a necessary feature), etc. So if you didn't read it before because it was too long and dense ... well, it's still pretty long and dense, actually. But less so!

I've also added an example MathML document as a supplement. This document:
  1. Defines a phylogenetic context (the same one used in the MathML Definitions examples), arranging taxonomic units as vertices in a directed, acyclic graph.
  2. Defines sets based on characters ("wings used for powered flight" and "extant")
  3. Refers a specimen (YPM-VP 1450) to a taxonomic unit (Ichthyornis).
  4. Equates several species names as synonyms.
  5. Defines some hybrid formulas as referring to specific taxonomic units.
  6. Defines a number of clade names.
This file can be opened with Names on Nodes: Standalone Version, which I am currently developing and hope to release this year.

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