08 October 2008

Three-Pound Monkey Brain Subpackages

So I'm looking at fleshing out the threelbmonkeybrain package, and specifically at moving a lot of reuseable code from Names on Nodes into threelbmonkeybrain. It's looking like it could be a pretty gigantic package. So big that I started thinking of breaking it down into the Three-Pound Monkey Brain family of packages.

Then I thought of some cutesy names.

Basic classes: relations, assertions, utilities, data filtering, basic geometry, basic collections.
Dependencies: Flash, Flex (some utilities)

Data transfer: Internet operations (email, streaming media), file operations (assets, load tracking)
Dependencies: Flash, Brainstem

Mathematics: operations, advanced collections, MATHML translation, formula rendering, etc.
Dependencies: Flash, Flex (some displays), Brainstem

Data modeling and persistence: value objects, form generation, metadata description, validation, CRUD services, uploads, etc.
Dependencies: Flash, Flex, Brainstem

Motor Cortex
Animation: motion blur, beacons, drawing, constraints, locators, controls, etc.
Dependencies: Flash, Brainstem, ?Calculia

Of course, I could use some more predictable, boring names: base, net, calc, persist, anim. I dunno, what do you guys think?


  1. I have a programming friend who insists on using rude file extensions (.ass, .bum, .tit). By my reckoning you are taking a higher road...

  2. Hah, I actually used .bum files ages ago, but it was for a game I was making called Space Bum (the American sense -- "drifter" -- not the British sense -- "derriere").