09 December 2012

Introducing Pictish, an image-processing library for web browsers

Boy, between RaphaëlTS, SHA-1, and Haeckel, I've been releasing an awful lot of TypeScript/JavaScript libraries lately, haven't I? Anyway, here's another!

Pictish takes advantage of canvas elements and Typed Arrays to provide fast routines for processing raster image data. Here is a rundown of the currently available functions:
  • createImageData()
  • fromFile()
  • fromHTMLImage()
  • crop()
  • flipX()
  • flipY()
  • scaleDown()
  • quarter()
  • silhouettize()
All of these functions have been tested and optimized. More information is available in the documentation at the BitBucket site. Note that since canvas elements and Typed Arrays are based on more recent specifications, not all browsers support it. (For what it's worth, I've been testing in Chrome.)

(The sharp-eyed may notice that last function and wonder if it might have something to do with another project of mine. The answer is yes.)

Next planned step is to create a PNG file encoder  that could take a while, though.

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