16 January 2012

In Anticipation: The Evolution of the Raven, in Silhouettes

Any day now there will be a relaunch of a certain project I launched last year. (Just working through some technical details.) In anticipation of that, here's the evolutionary history of the Common Raven (Corvus corax), illustrated with silhouettes:

click to enlarge


  1. Very cool to see well-known lineages illustrated this way. But remind me to update some of my submitted silhouettes and maybe throw in a Yanornis or something for basal euornithines. I'm thinking a Protopteryx would be a better proxy for basal pygostylia/ornithothoraces as well... or at least chop the beak off of that Changchengornis.

  2. That would be awesome! Well, watch this space--hopefully it'll be back up before too terribly long.

  3. This is great. Cannot wait to start submitting again!

  4. Quoth the raven: "Dinosaur."

    Looking good Mike!