19 December 2011

Season's Greetings

Season's Greetings 2011

If you look at last year's Yule greeting, you'll note that we have lost a few at the Keesey-Havens household. The mighty Monstro now swims alone in his aquarium, his fellow goldfish Cousteau and his pet minnow Fido having passed away. Young Half-Pint died rather unexpectedly, leaving his chinchilla family in mourning (father Bernard, mother Lillian, sister Hyzenthlay). (I might be posting on him again, though....)

The family tree, as of Yuletide 2010.

But, in brighter news, we have a new addition! Lucy, the little human pictured above with our Christmas tree. And so it comes time to sadly trim but joyfully decorate our household's phylogenetic tree:

Updated for 2011.

EDIT: Whoops, misspelled "silvestris" in the 2011 version.


  1. Hyzenthlay?! OMG ... you're a Douglass Adams fan!! Beautiful product of your genes, there, brah.

  2. Of course, I meant Richard Adams ... /shifty eyes

  3. Thanks! Both Adamses are good. Hyzenthlay and Half-Pint once had a brother named Fiver -- like his namesake he was a bit neurotic.

  4. David Marjanović30 December, 2011 14:53

    So much awesome! Where to even begin! :-)