04 November 2011

Lucy Gwyn Havens

Last Saturday our first child was born: a daughter, Lucy Gwyn Havens.


We've made our own contribution to the phylogenetic tree!

Lucy.There are many famous Lucys. Here's one relevant to the blog:

And of course, that one is named after this one:

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
by Julian Lennon
Gwyn.Gwyn is an old Welsh family name on my side. More recently it was spelled "Guinn", but we decided to use the older spelling.

Havens.You'll notice her surname is from her mother, not me. We decided early on that boys would be Keeseys and girls would be Havenses. If this becomes a tradition, it would link patrilineal names to the Y chromosome (something the dominant English system already does) and matrilineal names to the mitochondrial chromosome (a feature sorely lacking in the English system).

We love you, li'l Lulu!


  1. Congratulations, Mike! Beautiful girl. Your genes are really awesome! You can now die knowing your genes have been successfully passed on!

  2. Thanks! But, correction: ~50% of my genes. Which is a good start....

  3. I love your decision about the last names. That's just about the coolest thing I've heard. Add that to the fact that you were married in a Darwin Church and you guys are basically my heros. Congrats on your first child! She's lovely!