05 March 2011

PhyloPic Week 2: Lineages, Browsing, and API

Another good week for PhyloPic. There are now well over 200 silhouettes in the database. I also rolled out some new features and enhancements.

Redesigned Lineage Pages

Lineage pages now provide taxonomic and license information for each image. As a visual touch, figures now fade as they go deeper and deeper into the past. Here's a few of my favorite lineage pages so far:
Yes, they're all bilaterian animals. There's a definite bias.

Image Browser

Now you can peruse the entire gallery much more easily, with the Image Browser. Use the arrow(s) on the side to navigate through pages of silhouettes.

Developer API

For any developers out there who want to use the PhyloPic database to create their own apps, now you can. I've provided an initial API, available both as a JSON service and an AMF service for Flex apps.

Also of news to developers: I've opened up the code base for viewing and cloning. (Still need to add the licenses, though.) It's a Django app, written in Python. Feel free to poke around.


I'd like to thank everyone who's submitted images so far, especially FunkMonk, Scott Hartman, Matt Martyniuk and Maija Karala for their many contributions. (Each of them has submitted at least a dozen.) Thanks also to Steven Coombs, Craig Dylke, Mo Hassan, Neil Kelley, Dann Pigdon, Ville-Veikko Sinkkonen, Patrick Strutzenberger, Reka Szabo, David Tana, Michael P. Taylor, and Emily Willoughby!

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