21 May 2010

Names on Nodes Issue Tracker

Yesterday I transferred the list of remaining Names on Nodes issues from my whiteboard to the bitbucket issue tracker. My goal is to get through most of these by the end of June. (Some "nice-to-haves", like DOT or HTML 5 exporting, may have to wait.)

Essential features left to implement, complete or fix:


  • Certain formats for import, especially NexML and NEXUS. (Currently only Newick can be imported. MathML files can be loaded as well.)
  • Certain formats for export, especially NexML. (Currently only PNG can be exported. MathML files can be saved as well.)
  • Ability to save just the definitions or just the phylogeny to a MathML file.
  • Ability to import definitions from a MathML file.
  • MathML tweaks. (Use csymbol instead of ci for taxa. Normalize presentation.)
  • Ability to write in Newick strings directly.
  • Skin various components (sliders, steppers, checkboxes, etc.).
  • Fix line breaks in MathML formulas.
  • Various scrollbar issues.
  • Special character issues.
  • Rich editor for taxon labels, including ability to edit taxon URIs.
  • Arc bisection tool.
  • Fix node merging (i.e., synonymization).
  • Add ability to select definition type when creating a name.
  • Node Pane Control Bar revisions. (Change Resolution Slider to a stepper. Add Zoom Slider.)
  • Definition Editor tweaks/fixes. (Some actions are blocked that should be possible. Textual Editor does not always update. Various layout issues.)
  • About/Help Panel.

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