04 May 2009

March of Man: The Toolshop

My somewhat ambitious web app, March of Man, has not been proving too successful. The idea behind the project is to illustrate human and chimpanzee evolution using hundreds of figures. The web app includes tools for submitting images and generating collages. But there are only a couple dozen images right now. At this rate, the project will be completed by the time I am an old man. Time for a new approach!

I'm going to leave the site up as is, but I am also going to be working on a CG animation. I've made a new area of the website called "The Toolshop" where I'll be posting progress. Here are the first two mockups, using vector animation (click on the image to see the animation):

Human/chimpanzee evolution depicted as streams of bubbling heads.

The ranges of various taxa over time.



  1. Thanks! Still rough, but the idea is coming out more. Just posted another one.