07 May 2008

ISPN3 Meeting: Abstract Deadline

There's only one week left to submit abstracts for the Third Meeting of the International Society for Phylogenetic Nomenclature! (I just submitted two, one for a talk and one for a poster.) The deadline is May 15, which is also the deadline for early registration.

Once again, some important information:
When? 2008 July 21–23
Where? Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
How much does it cost? $190 (CAD*) if you register by May 15
What if I'm a student? $90 (CAD*) if you register by May 15
Where do I register? At the Protist 2008 website. (Be sure to select "I am registering for ISPN"—unless you're a protistologist, of course.)
How do I submit abstracts? Follow the instructions here, but send the document to harold [dot] bryant [at] gov [dot] sk [dot] ca and use one of these keywords:
  • theory of phylogenetic nomenclature
  • history and development of phylogenetic nomenclature
  • definition of taxon names
  • other (specify).
I'm a U.S. citizen. Do I need a passport? Yes.
Where can I find more information? In the Second Circular.

The last meeting (Yale 2006) was great and hopefully this one will be even better!

* Canadian and U.S. dollars are worth about the same these days.

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