01 January 2008

March of Man: Collage Backgrounds

Merry 2008, everyone!

In an attempt to beautify the collages on March of Man, I've added a more naturalistic background than the old grey tiles. Check it out.

I also added a few more figures. I sketched a bunch over my vacation, inspired by the chimpanzees at the Chicago Zoo (who, incidentally, love snow—or love eating it, anyway). Despite this, though, over half of the taxa are still not illustrated. Now would be a great time for other people to start making contributions. (Thanks again to Stephen O'Connor for his Homo erectus!)

Here are some sample collages—as always, figures are in chronological order from left to right:

Vertical distribution of figures based on phylogeny.

Vertical distribution of figures based on geography (Cape of Good Hope at top, Tierra del Fuego at bottom).

Vertical distribution of figures based on a combination of phylogeny and geography.

This won't be the final word on the background, but I think it's a bit of a step up (even if it does look a bit like barf). Unfortunately, it also drastically increases the size of the application. I need to do some file restructuring at some point. I've been neglecting my other projects, though, so I may have to push this off for a bit.

Update: Here is a much larger version (with phylogeny-based vertical arrangement).