05 November 2007

A Collaborative Paleo-Art Project

I recently launched a new website, March of Man.

The goal is to create a gigantic collage that illustrates human (and chimpanzee) evolution through time and space. Paleo-artists can register and upload images of hominin* figures. Once enough are collected, I'll provide tools for synthesizing large collages. More specific details can be found at the website.

The site's in an "alpha" stage right now, so there may be some quirks. Readers, please let me know if you come across anything.

Soon I'll be making some updates, including a browseable gallery.

Running Praeanthropus afarensis

* What's a hominin? You're a hominin! Well, specifically, Hominini is the "tribe" that includes our species, and is sometimes used to refer to the smallest clade containing us and chimpanzees (excluding gorillas, orangutans, etc.).

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