30 June 2009

New Useless Utility: Text Tree Maker

I finally got around to launching something at namesonnodes.org. No, it's not Names on Nodes itself, unfortunately. The project is taking a huge amount of time. But I thought I'd post something, so here's a little Flex application I made (using the new Flash Builder 4 Beta!) using a smidgen of the technology behind Names on Nodes.

Have you ever been discussing phylogeny online and wished there was an easy way to make a readable cladogram? (95% of readers leave.) Those of you who are left, check this out: Text Tree Maker. Just type in a Newick tree string, and voilá! Okay, so typing in a Newick tree string is not that easy in the first place, but it is easier.

Well, I'll be using it, anyway. Check this one out!

|--ALA-VP 2/10
`--+--ARA-VP 6/1
|--KNM-T1 13150
|--KNM-KP 29281
`--+--AL 288-1
|--KNM-WT 40000
|--KT 12/H1
|--LH 4
`--+--BOU-VP 12/130
| |--Taung 1
| |--Australopithecus (Paranthropus)
| | |--SK 6
| | `--TM1517
| `--Australopithecus (Zinjanthropus)
| |--KNM-WT 17000
| |--OH 5
| `--Omo 18
|--KNM-ER 1470
|--KNM-ER 1813
|--OH 7
|--OH 9
`--Homo (Homo)
|--D 2600
|--KNM-ER 992
|--LB 1
`--+--Ceprano 1
|--Trinil 2
`--Homo (sapiens)
|--ATD 6-5
`--+--Mauer 1
`--+--Neandertal 1
`--+--Florisbad 1
|--Kabwe 1
`--Uppsala domkyrka: Carolus Linnaeus

NOTE: Right-click on the application and select "View Source" if you want to see some of the code behind it.


  1. Pretty neat Mike! (I guess I'm a statistically significant reader.)

  2. I knew there had to be one! :)

  3. Hi, Yes your application helps ! How can I cite it in a manuscript?

    Else Fjerdingstad

  4. Cool! I guess something like:

    Keesey, T. M. (2009). Text Tree Maker. Available online at http://www.namesonnodes.org/texttree/ (last checked 6 May 2010).